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Immersive real vision



  • LED – 4K UHD with 60Hz Refresh
  • REGZA 4K 8bit with FRC
  • Peak Brightness 450nits
  • Wide Colour Gamut with Colour Re-Master Pro
  • MEMC Motion Compensation
  • Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos
  • Vidaa OS
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 4K UHD TV

    M550 Series

    Immersive real vision with heart shaking sound.

Immersive real vision

with heart-shaking sound

To directly express the features of great picture and sound, using “immersive viewing experience” to describe Dolby Vision (some area is Dts Virtual X), and using “heart-shaking“ to describe Dolby Atmos, that is so real, delivering the conception of immersive reality to users.

High performance 4K picture
for heart-shaking excitement

Toshiba TV’s REGZA Engine 4K provides stunning picture quality for your enjoyable viewing. With Ultra Essential PQ Technology combined with high quality LCD panel, you can get incredible clear Ultra HD 4K images. Just immerse yourself in whatever you are watching with heart-shaking excitement.

Dolby Atmos

Elevate your entertainment with the remarkable Dolby Atmos to take your favorite movies, shows, and games to the next level. Step into the action for an immersive surround sound experience like no other.

Full Screen

The Full Screen Display pushes the limits of the display to provide you much wider viewing experience with maximum contents and boundless beauty.

4K Resolution

Four times resolution of Full HD and four times the detail. With Toshiba 4K TV, you can enjoy uncompromisingly crisp, clear and immersive images with professional theater quality.

AI Picture Optimizer

Al Picture Optimizer technology instantly captures every frame of the picture with inteligent recognition of up to 11 real-timescenarios (e.g. face, building, snowing, indoor lighting, etc.), to make the viewing experience as real as possible based on the recognized scenarios. Let you get the most out of your contents with intelligently tailor-made picture quality. * The number of scenarios may vary by country.

Ultra-Essential PQ Technology

Ultra Essential PQ Technology analyzes every pixel of each scene, and adjusts picture parameters, to dig out the maximum potential details and reproduce stunning picture quality. It offers you the great viewing experience.

AI 4K Resolution+

Toshiba’s unique Al upscaling technology provides the near-4K level picture quality for Full HD contents. Instead of simply replicating every pixel, it intelligently detects the colors of neighboring pixels and decides the proper color of each pixel by considering the detail texture of the real sight. No matter what the content is, you can enjoy the every scene with the amazing clarity of near-4K quality.

Wide Color Gamut

Toshiba 4K TV’s wide color gamut technology offers much more colors than a conventional LED TV, to reproduce more natural, richer, and finer color variations. The result is a detailed picture with more depth and rich shades that conventional TVs have never reproduced.

Ultimate Motion (MEMC with 60Hz)

Ultimate Motion reduces blur in fast moving scenes, offering crisp and clear images for fast action sequences. Its smooth viewing experience puts you into the scene.

Color Re-master Pro

Without proper color, picture quality is not complete as ultimate. Color Re-master Pro is there to restore the original color of original image as natural and colorful as it should be. Fully realistic picture quality reaches your vision.

Super Contrast Booster

Accurate picture contrast emphasizes and maximizes the depth of picture color, to show things as real. As a result, any content you watch on TV, you will enjoy a realistic picture with breathtaking contrast.

Precision Adaptive Resolution+

The precision adaptive resolution+ dynamically adjusts the appropriate precision of each part of the images with a comprehensive analysis. This restores both the natural depth and the precision to the image, pulling out the realistic and atmosphere of each scene.

4K Brilliance Restoration

Toshiba TV’s 4K Brilliance Restoration technology analyzes images by dividing and restoring the brilliance, to reproduce the brightness of the realistic sight. Therefore, there is more natural 4K brilliance in each scene.

Wide Color Gamut Restoration

Wide Color Gamut Restoration reproduces the colors that are compressed for broadcasting, to restore the brilliance and vividness that the original image has.

Adaptive Dimming

Adaptive Dimming Technology divides images into small areas with comprehensive analysis applying different contrast enhancing curve on different areas according to the content, so the blacks can be darker and the whites can be brighter. Get ready to be amazed with better Contrast performance in both detail and global view.

4K Fine Texture Restoration

The Texture Restoration algorithm restores the fine texture of images, with the process of optimizing an input image, to level up the truly expression of details, and achieve the near-4K level precision.

HDR Restoration

During Camcoder’s recording process, the high bright areas are compressed to avoid the contrast saturation. With HDR restoration, every image is restored and optimized to get full display of color and brightness, making true-to-life images.

4K Digital Noise Reduction

The Texture Restoration algorithm restores the fine texture of images, with the process of optimizing an input image, to level up the truly expression of details, and achieve the near-4K level precision.

4K Gradation Correction

Dynamically analyze 4K image and correcting luminance and colors, coming out the realistic expression and beauty of the original image. Make you feel that details are seen perfectly.

Dolby Audio

Movies, TV shows, sports, music-the entertainment you love is even better when you hear it in Dolby Audio, to deliver authentic listening experiences without compromise, and help you get more from all of your entertainment.

Designed in Japan

Toshiba TV pursues the philosophy of “Essential Beauty” which is made based on the horizontal and vertical lines in the living space, it makes the living room look stylish by merging into its surroundings.

Pure Metal Stand

The TV applies pure anodized metal to deliver a gorgeous look while retaining a strong, rugged build.

Bezelless Design

To create a truly stylish look, Toshiba TV pushes the edges to new extremes. The reduced bezel flows directly into the display without interruptions, providing you with an enriched, immersive viewing experience.

Cable Solution

The cable holder hides all cables and keeps them in order, keeping your home tidy and uncluttered. Now, no more visual distractions to get in the way of your viewing experience.

Vidaa OS

Vidaa provides a more natural way for people to interact with their large screens, focusing on content and services, and supporting state-of-the-art technology like voice control and universal platform search though clean in its look and simple in its usability. It is global and it is local. *APPs may differ by regions

Sports Mode

Sports Mode is tailor-made for sports contents, in particular the fast moving actions. The Algorithm is set up to fully show details of the game on TV, and the unrivaled clarity takes you to every exciting moment. Just cheer up for the game the way it touches you.

Remote Voice Control

Control the TV with your voice without any complicated operations. Just press the mic button on the remote control to say anything you want, the TV responds to you quickly. *Actual product may differ from image shown.

Game Mode

It’s “REAL” with 4K Ultra HD TV, pulling out the maximum potential of the rendering capability to make everything look real and lively, as if taking you into a real gaming battleground. lt’s “QUICK” with optimized FIFO memory control technology, minimizing the input latency to produce stunning images and responsive gameplay. *Latencies are for prototype models. The retail models may have different latency.

Dual Band Wifi

Faster speed and more steady connection to link your TV with the internet, to enjoy instant access to your favorite live TV, video streaming, apps and games without stutter.

USB Media Player

Plug your USB storage device at the USB port of your TV, to play your favorite music, photos on the screen. Instantly let you enjoy what you’re watching.

Bluetooth Audio

Wirelessly connect your TV to your headphones or speakers via bluetooth, to get an audio experience that you desire without disturbing your families or friends with different sound demands.


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